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Your Business: People come first

Organizations, corporations, small businesses - whatever the structure, they’re all made up entirely of people. There are people who are motivated by vision, people who are motivated to act, people who are motivated by building consensus, and people who are motivated by creating structure. And they’re all equally important to the work you do. When I work with your organization, I learn first about its people. Then we move on to the situation (problem or opportunity), the strengths of the leadership team, and the outcome(s) you want to achieve. Together, we can create a flexible and focused plan that will keep you and your staff working harmoniously.

How I work with clients

Coaching can give you access to deep self-understanding and awareness of your power to change. It’s you and me having a transformative conversation that shifts your perspective about yourself, your business, and your life. I facilitate learning, challenge limitations, and disrupt thinking so you can move beyond the internal and external barriers that stop you. What matters to you matters to me. I see your strengths and talents, and let those things shape my understanding of who you are and how to interact with you. When I show vulnerability, you can feel safe being vulnerable, because vulnerability enables courage which enables change. I connect your actions to leadership competencies so you can lead yourself and others with confidence. And I hold sacred the time and space you need to think and plan your actions. Most of all, I laugh with you because laughter is good for the body, mind, and spirit.
With Lucidity, you can reach for the impossible!

Areas of expertise

Leadership Development

Emotional Intelligence


Personal Values Identification
and Alignment

Organizational Values Identification

Mindful Practice

Whole Body Intelligence

Group Facilitation

Nonprofit Governance and Management